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Car Sound Converters

Compare Car Sounds' catalytic converters with any other manufacturer and you'll see why Car Sound has become a leader in the manufacturing of exhaust components. Others may employ one or two of the following features, but only Car Sound puts them all together to create a catalytic converter that exceeds basic need and function. Car Sounds years of research and development have resulted in many unique features that are exclusive to Car Sound. They combine efficient manufacturing techniques and state of the art industrial design to produce an end process and product that sets, rather than meets, the highest standards of product performance and efficiency in the industry.

Car Sound converters have a ribbed body that minimizes expansion and distortion when the converter heats up. The ribs form a channel that protects the cushioning mat from direct exposure to exhaust gases and they hold the ceramic catalyst in proper alignment.

Car Sound converters have a 1/2" lap joint where the necks meet the body. The neck does not extend into the converter where it could hamper exhaust flow. This is the strongest and smoothest flowing inlet/outlet joint of any manufacturer.

Car Sound maintains separate dies on different sized inlets. They don't skimp by putting larger neck sizes on smaller bodies. This would reduce the flow of the converter and reduce the quality of their product.

Car Sound uses a high flow monolithic honeycomb catalyst. The ceramic design for maximum flow and surface area. The coating method is strictly controlled to maintain exact specifications. Because an improper coating could result in flow restrictions or an emission test failure.

Car Sound uses a heavier gauge stainless steel tip to tip. Others use mixed weights and materials.

Car Sound converters are seam welded close to the converter body for a strong tight bond. They don't weld along the edge which could allow the converter to expand like the folds in an accordion, allowing the catalyst to move around.

Car Sound installs a factory capped, 90 degree air tube on "with air" converters. This saves time during installation. There is no need for additional labor to weld on an air tube or to create a bend when only an air tube stub is provided.

Car Sound uses an aluminized OEM style ribbed heat shield that creates a rigid wall of protection against heat and adds to the structural stability of the converter.

Clean Parts - Car Sound de-greases and washes all fabricated components after assembly. The new converter is clean of metal dust and fragments. Every converter comes out of the box clean. This is almost an exclusive feature of Car Sound.

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