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Magnaflow Mufflers are the straight Wide Open performance mufflesr with smooth deep tones. First and foremost Magnaflow mufflers are developed to be a superior product line of performance mufflers. Wide Open performance Magnaflow mufflers outflow OEM chamber style mufflers by as much as 16%. This reduces engine heat and back pressure and improves exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber. Magnaflow mufflers minimizes the power robbing effects of the OEM system to restore torque and horsepower to the engine.

From aluminized steel, to polished stainless steel, there probably are MagnaFlow mufflers or MagnaFlow cat back systems to suit your desire.

MagnaFlow's President's Statement

MagnaFlow was first and foremost developed to be a superior product line of performance mufflers. There is no other product that can offer the same deep and gratifying exhaust sound that a MagnaFlow muffler produces.

This signature sound is achieved by flow-through internal designs, high-grade acoustical insulating materials and thick gauge stainless steel cores. As a result of these features, MagnaFlow mufflers have the highest exhaust flow rates and deliver the greatest quality and durability in the industry.

All of us at MagnaFlow are extremely proud and stake our 25 years of experience and reputation on our products. Each new muffler version we develop is personally evaluated by me and tested by our team of designers and engineers to ensure that it meets our expectations of the best performance in power-gain, sound, quality and design.

Mario Andretti has joined our team and now stands along with us in supporting our conviction that MagnaFlow stands alone, as the best looking and the top sounding performance muffler out there.

I encourage you to enjoy for yourself the lasting satisfaction that a MagnaFlow can provide when installed on your car or truck.

Jerry Paolone

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